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Let's Talk Trains
Aired Saturday, 10AM-Noon, Pacific Time
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Richard Hamilton
of Let's Talk Trains
Internet Talk Radio
1949 - 2009

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The Let's Talk Trains Show
including the July 11, 2009 7th Anniversary Show
and the August 15, 2009 Remembrance Show
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Sep 12 2009 Sat:

Richard Hamilton Remembered Founder of Let's Talk Train by Chris Guenzler

Aug 16 2009 Sun:

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Aug 15 2009 Sat:

A Let's Talk Train remembrance episode for "Engineer Richard" was aired live on Saturday, August 15, 2009, from 10 AM to Noon. Currently you can listen to a few of the past episodes of Let's Talk Trains by clicking here to go to including the historic July 11, 2009 7th Anniversary Show and the August 15, 2009 Remembrance Show. Only a few past episodes are posted there as Richard had moved his radio show to that provider fairly recently. Most of the episodes of Let's Talk Trains have been saved on CD's and it is hoped they can be posted to the web and made available to everyone sometime in the near future. Further details of that effort will be posted to this page as they become available.

Aug 15 2009 Sat:

Originally Richard was planning on having the July 11, 2009, 7th Anniversary Show at the Silver Rails Event Center by the Depot Inn & Suites in La Plata, Missouri. There were some discussions and explorations of the feasibility of this. However, July is one of the busiest months at the event center and hotel with every weekend already having been booked with weddings. Thus the idea for doing an anniversary show in La Plata was postponed for a future year when the facilities could be booked in advance.

The First Silver Rails New Years Celebration for Train Enthusiasts has been planned to ring in 2010 at the Silver Rails Event Center and the Depot Inn & Suites. For further details click here. We hope to make this the first of an annual tradition available to any train enthusiasts and their families that might want to celebrate new years with other train enthusiasts each year. It has been suggested that we make this first event a tribute to Richard and what he has done for the train enthusiast community. Already Chis Guenzler (, Stephen Grande (, Bob Manning (, Ray Burns (, Shivam Surve (, Tom & Kelly Marshall (, Bob Cox ( as well as others have made their plans to be there. Many are coming with their spouses and other family.

By that time the new Silver Rails Memorial Library dedicated to Harold & Hilda Marshall that will be located within the new Silver Rails Gallery will be open. We could unveil the tribute to Richard Hamilton during the Silver Rails New Years Event. The tribute to Richard will feature either a large photo or painting of Richard and will provide visitors with a history of Richard's contributions to the train enthusiast community and his contributions to the innovative Let's Talk Trains Internet Talk Radio Show.

If interested in attending, send email to or call 660-616-4870 for info about hotel and travel reservations. The Richard Hamilton tribute is a new development that has not yet been posted to the page.

Aug 14 2009 Fri:

CLICK HERE to read C.J. Hardmann's post to the Altamont Press Discussion Board.

Aug 04 2009 Wed:

Catherine Hamilton (Salt Lake City, UT) wrote:

Richard loved you guys. We miss him terribly and are happy to "meet" his friends.
We are planning a memorial service for Richard, the date and time to be determined.
Thanks for all your rememberances of him--from his family.

Aug 03 2009 Tue:

Some comments about Richard Hamilton from Chris Guenzler can be found on one of Chris' trip reports by clicking here. Please scroll down a couple of paragraphs. Chris Guenzler was on an Amtrak trip to NRHS when we all found out about the death of Richard.

Dear fellow Let's Talk Trains Listeners,

It is my sad duty to report that Richard Hamilton, the host and creator of The Let's Talk Train Show, passed away late last week at the age of 60. Richard had a wonderful passion for the railroading hobby which he shared with others as a volunteer at the Poway-Midland Railroad and as a member of both the San Diego Electric Railway Association and the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum.

He created The Let's Talk Train Show with CJ in July of 2002 as a way of extending his passion for railroading. During the show's seven year run Richard worked with Conductor CJ, AC Adam, Dispatcher Joe, Curmudgeon Stu and Conductor Nicolas to host a weekly talk show bringing trains to internet radio . The show featured a wide variety of guests and frequent contributors including Conductor Larry, The Official Caller Ken, The Amazing Chris, Awk, Monon George, Nathan Chidester, Belfast Tom and many others.

I enjoyed the privilege of working with Richard over the past three years and my deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. There is talk of organizing a memorial show in Richard's honor. Any additional information on a memorial show or The Let's Talk Train Show can be found at Additionally listeners can visit the Train Orders thread, join the LTT Facebook Group, or check from time to time for updated information.


Conductor Nicolas

The staff and friends of and its affiliates morn the loss of Richard Hamilton. Richard has been involved with and a significant inspiration to the TrainWeb ventures almost since its founding in 1996, both during its ten years in Fullerton, California, and even after TrainWeb's move to La Plata, Missouri. Richard continued to be greatly involved in our affiliate ventures right up to his death including his participation and promotion of, the Depot Inn & Suites, the Exhibition of Amtrak History, and the Silver Rails Event Center.

Richard started the San Diegan Club in the mid-1990s. Years later this club was reformed as the Southern California Train Travel Meetup Group which meets on the 4th Monday of every month at 5 PM at the Knowlwood Restaurant in Downtown Fullerton. Over the years this group that was originally created by Richard has grown to over 100 members with more than 30 people attending many of the monthly meetings to discuss their rail travel experiences and plans.

Richard's Lets Talk Trains provided live internet radio coverage of many milestone's including TrainWeb's 10th Anniversary and the Grand Opening of the new TrainWeb building in La Plata, Missouri, in 2006, Chris Guenzler's Millionth Rail Travel Mile, the Grand Opening of both the Exhibition of Amtrak History and the Silver Rails Event Center. Richard also provided live coverage of Fullerton Railroad Days for many years as well as coverage and discussion of many significant railroad events over the last few years. / and the Depot Inn & Suites were proud to be sponsors of Richard's Let's Talk Trains Internet Talk Radio Show and to support the valuable service that Richard provided to the train enthusiast community. Richard's presence and efforts will be sorely missed.

A few of the recent episodes of Let's Talk Trains can be found at:

Below are just a few photos of Richard Hamilton that we were able to quickly locate from our archives. Additional photos will be posted below as they are located. I'm sure we have quite a few more photos in our archives of Richard. The first batch were found by using a simple search for "Richard Hamilton" through our network of web sites. But there are many more photos in our archive of Richard that do not mention him by name. If you happen to know the location of any of those photos or run across them while browsing our pages, please email the exact URL (web address) of those photos to Thanks!

Click On Any Photo Below For A Larger Image:


2001 - At The Office
Upstairs in the Fullerton Amtrak Station.

2004 - SoCal Train Travel Meetup Group
at The Rail Restaurant in Downtown Fullerton, CA

Saturday, January 10, 2004 - Richard & CJ live broadcast of
Chris Guenzler 775K Miles at Santa Fe Express Cafe in Fullerton, California
Click Here For More Photos Of The Broadcast

2005 Christmas Party
at The Rail Restaurant in Downtown Fullerton, CA

The Following Photos Were All Of Richard Hamilton
At 10th Anniversary and Grand Opening
Of Their New Building in La Plata, Missouri in 2006.

Richard interviewing Jeff Kocar, President of Amtrak Historical Society

Richard interviewing Ray Burns, President of


2007 - Richard Hamilton with Chris Guenzler at his Millionth Amtrak Mile Departure Party


Richard Hamilton of Let's Talk Trains Internet Talk Radio Show

More photos of Richard Hamilton courtesy of Ben (Dutch) Myters.
Click each photo below for a larger images: Main Page Past Photo Links:

Additional info can be found at:

Let's Talk Trains
Honoring & Remembering Engineer Richard
Creator of the Let's Talk Trains Radio Show
Aired Saturday, August 15, 2009, 10AM-Noon, Pacific Time
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