APRHF Directors - Amerian Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation Board of Directors.

    American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation

    Board of Directors

    Officers & Directors

  • Bob Cox, APRHF President
    Currator of the APRHF Silver Rails Gallery & Memorial Library and the APRHF exhibition of Amtrak history, Caretake of the La Plata Amtrak Station & Historic Santa Fe Depot, Member of the Missouri Rail Passenger Advisory Committee (MORPAC).

  • Amy Cox, APRHF Vice-President
    Manager of the APRHF Silver Rails Event Center.

  • Vacant, APRHF Secretary

  • Vacant, APRHF Treasurer

  • Additional Directors

  • Nathan Chidester
    Sr. Coordinating Producer and Lead Host, APRHF Let's Talk Trains Radio Talk Show, 2008-Present, Nathan has a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Sports Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi, in Hattiesburg, Miss. He has been involved with the Let's Talk Trains Show since 2003, as a regular calller, and in 2008 after the death of the show's founder/host, Richard Hamilton, was one of the people to decide to keep the show going. Nathan was named the Sr. Coordinating Producer and Lead Host of LTT in 2013. The show has grown from an average of 1000 listens per month, to an average of 2500-3000 listens per month. Nathan is a Charter Member of the APRHF and represent the APRHF at different events including National Train Day, at Chicago Union Station and recently, the inaugural run of N&W 611 on May 30th. Nathan has been and continues to be a long-time supporter of railroad history especially passenger rail heritage.

  • Zelwin Eaton
    University Administrator at Northeast Missouri State University, Kirksville, Missouri.

  • Dave Rector
    VP Administration and Finance at Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri.

  • Robert Tabern
    Executive Director/Chicago Coordinator, APRHF Rail Rangers Program, 2014-Present, Robert Tabern is originally from the Chicagoland area, where he currently resides now with his wife Kandace; he has also has called Arkansas, Indiana, and Wisconsin home over the years. Robert spent almost two decades working in broadcast journalism and held various on-air and behind-the-scenes positions at commercial television and radio stations. He currently works full-time in the travel industry, designing and managing various motor coach and railroad tours. Robert and Kandace are co-authors of the popular "Outside the Rails" railroad route guide series; since starting their company in 2011, they have sold several thousand copies of their books. Robert served as the Chicago Coordinator of the APRHF-sponsored Trails & Rails program that operated on the Southwest Chief between December 2012 and July 2015. He currently serves as the Executive Director/Chicago Coordinator of the APRHF Rail Rangers program which provides live narration and other services aboard private rail cars across the Midwest.

  • Vacant
    Board Member Position

  • Emeritus Board Members

    (Former APRHF Directors)

  • Ray Burns (Oct 7, 1942 - Jul 22, 2014)
    President, TrainWeb LLC, 1996 - 2014, TrainWeb.com & TrainWeb.org. (Click here to view a memorial tribute).

  • Barbara Cepinko, Former APRHF Treasurer
    President, NordiLusta LLC, 2014-Present, Provides web hosting for APRHF, TrainWeb.com and TrainWeb.org, President, Silver Rails Properties LLC, 2007-Present, Treasurer, Silver Rails Vineyards LLC, 2014-Present, Co-owner, Depot Inn & Suites, 2007-2015, Former President & Co-Founder of Midcom Corporation, 1979-2013, a computer programming & engineering staffing company that has provided staff to aerospace, defense and commerical firms across the national including JPL, Lockheed, Boeing, TRW, Walt Disney, Hughes Aircraft, Toyota and more.

  • Stephen Grande, APRHF Membership Director and Former APRHF Secretary
    Vice-President, NordiLusta LLC, 2014-Present, Provides web hosting for APRHF, TrainWeb.com and TrainWeb.org, Vice-President, Silver Rails Properties LLC, 2007-Present, Vice-President, TrainWeb LLC / TrainParty.com, 1996-2015, Vice-President, Silver Rails Vineyards LLC, 2014-Present, Co-owner, Depot Inn & Suites, 2007-2015, Former VP & Co-Founder of Midcom Corporation, 1979-2013.

  • Jason Haxton
    Museum Director at A.T. Still University since 2001, Kirksville, Missouri. Previously a Truman State University Administrator. Jason Haxton has worked on several projects with the Smithsonian Institute Museums, served as a researcher/benefactor with the state capitol of Missouri, and a lecturer with Missouri's Arts Council. He is a member of several local historical groups. Jason Haxton facilitates exhibits that have served almost 3-million visitors across the USA and travels frequently overseas with exhibits to Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada, and England. He has received federal grants for curriculum development for schools across the nation, and for preservation & protection of artifacts.

  • Robert Manning
    President, Southwest Rail Passenger Association, SWRAIL.ORG, Organizer of the 2014 California Passenger Rail Summit, Executive VP of Rail Passenger Association of California & Nevada (RailPAC), A California State Representative (Members of the Council of Representatives) of the National Association of Rail Passengers (NARP).

  • Shivaji Surve
    President, TrainWeb LLC including TrainParty.com, 2016-Present, Chief Technology Officer, TrainWeb LLC, 1999-2015, TrainWeb.com & TrainWeb.org

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